Structuring a 5-page research paper on global warming

The temperature and climate of our planet the Earth is changing continuously. There is a gradual shift in the seasons, temperature, and nature, natural activities all are reversing. The ice glaciers are melting and the temperature of the earth surface is rapidly increasing. In such situation, global warming which means the gradual shift or rise of the annual temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere becomes a very important topic to consider. Global warming and its factors are very important to be studied and analyzed by the students so that they can avoid the activities, which give rise to it and can make their planet a safe and secure place to live in. If you are a student and you have been assigned to write an essay or research paper on such a topic then this is the right place to find the ideas and suggestion for writing a 5-page research paper on global warming.

Recognizing and outlining the important ideas

There is no surprise to the fact that global warming is highly debated and controversial topic. Most of us believe that it is a natural process but many know that it is the human activities that gave rise to it. Hence in order to make your paper effective and structure it at least for 5 pages, you have to first recognize the topics and outline the important ideas in your paper. It is most important work to accomplish in the starting. Without having a strong base of ideas and topic you can’t drag your paper to 5 pages.

Pros and cons of Global writing

Global warming means an increase in the temperature of earth’s atmosphere that generally happens due to the increase in the level of greenhouse gasses which includes the chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and another kind of pollutants. There are many effects it produces in the earth’s atmosphere because of global warming. The irreversible effects of global warming can be highlighted in the research paper. If you detail the effects and the pros and cons of global warming on the earth’s surface, it will make your paper effective and a good piece of writing for your evaluator.


A conclusion is very important part of a research paper. If you don’t add a conclusion to your paper, the reader will not able to recognize the future research points and the overall summary of the topic. In this part of your report, you have concluded the facts and ideas that you mention throughout your work. This will make your work perfectly synchronized.

The most essential stages in research paper writing process

During the college and school lives many times the students are assigned an essay, reports, research paper or any other kind of assignment to write. The students find it a burden and hectic work to accomplish but in order to get good grades, they have to do this work in the best way and accomplish it in the best aspect. Writing a research paper is a step-by-step procedure and if you move in the right steps you can accomplish it in an effective manner.

Analyzing the topic

The first and foremost step while writing a report is the analysis of the topic or the subject on which you are going to start your writing. A brief analysis of the topic will give you a start and step to be followed in order to work in a right way.

Writing an outline and introduction

The second step that plays an important role here is the outline of the paper. Here you need do the complete outlining of the topic in which you can enter the details and your work can be done in a proper and ordered manner. Mentioning the extract of the topic in your introduction is also important in a perfect informative paper.

Reference and sources

The references and the sources you follow in your paper are also important. The authenticity of the source will ultimately describe the authenticity of your paper. A completely unauthentic data source can make your paper noninformative and bogus. So, it’s really important to choose right sources and references.

Structure and conclusion

The structure that you follow in your paper is very important and you should follow a properly formatted structure during your paper that’s stages your paper topic wise. A proper format is also important in a report. You should decide a proper format in the starting itself and should follow it throughout the paper. The last thing that is supreme in the stages of a research paper is Conclusion. The conclusion actually is the short analysis of the facts and figures added in the paper and gives the reader the topic of further investigation on the topic.

Writing a Great Term Paper in 5 Simple Steps

As you work your way from high school to college, you will have to write many papers. If you are assigned a term paper, it will be at the end of the marking period. It will be comprehensive in that the subject will be on something you studied during that marking period. If you are in United States history class, then your paper could be on something like the Federalists and Antifederalists.

Therefore, it is important that you pay attention in class, take notes, and do all of your readings. The last thing you want to do is to get a subject that you have no clue what it is. Pay attention in class. Then you can use our 5 simple steps for writing the piece.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Make your thesis statement-once you have the topic, you need to decide what you are going to prove or discuss about the topic. This statement is called a thesis. It will include your main points. It is like a road map of where your paper is going.
  2. Do your research-once you have the thesis statement; you can begin to do the proper research. You want to use credible and valid academic sources that will help you to prove your point. The research is very important to the piece.
  3. Make an outline to follow-now you can create your outline. You will follow it as you write, so it should include everything you will mention. You may end up with several outline drafts before you get the final product. It can be in a topic outline or sentence outline form.
  4. Insert your intext citations-as you write you will use support references. You will need to insert intext citations after the source is used. How you format this depends on what format your paper is. Some formats are Chicago and APA. You can get a good resource for those styles online to help you to do it correctly.
  5. Create your bibliography or works cited page-after you use citations and at the end of the paper, you will have either a works cited page or a bibliography page. Your teacher will tell you which one he or she wants you to use. The form for this page is very exact, so you may want to use one of the apps, which helps to format this sheet for you. There are some free and low charge ones that work well.