Autism Research Paper Topics

More than ever before, interest in autism research is on the increase. This sudden surge is partly attributed to the recent rise in the number of people (children and adults) that have been diagnosed with the disease in recent times. It implies that for whatever topic you pick, there are several materials for reference.

Are there shreds of evidence to prove that environmental factors cause the rise of Autism in recent times? These ecological factors or triggers could be in the form of environmental pollution, lead in paint, and food additives that make people sensitive to some foods.

Prevalence of Autism in the West

Why does the western world have more cases than most other parts of the world? Are these numbers in any way related to lifestyle and culture? How does the rest of the world ensure that they do not have so many numbers?

Defining the spectrum of Autism

The subject of Autism covers a large area, what are those areas? What are the general symptoms and signs of the disease? Is it genetic, a mutation issue, or a condition that can be developed?

Autistic Children and Mainstream Schooling

Should autistic children be schooled like healthy children? What are the pros and cons of special education for autistic children? Can autistic children cope with regular training?

Relationship between mental health and Autism

Are there cases of Autism amongst mental health patients? Are talking therapies useful in the treatment of Autism? Are there other therapies that can work as well? 

Autistics in their Work environments

What is the best way to support people with Autism at their places of work? What jobs are best suited for people with Autism?

How do Autistic males differ from Autistic females?

Autism is observed differently in males and females. Some reports claim that early detection is almost impossible in females as compared with males, discuss.

Is Childhood immunization related to Autism?

The medical community continues to disregard claims that immunization at childhood can be a cause of Autism. However, some skeptics continue to raise concerns, primarily since mercury is used during the administration of these injections.

Repetitive behaviors or actions control for anxiety issues

How is stimming and autism-related? How does stimming in Autism differ from Tourette’s syndrome? What are the types of stimming? How can people be aware of the benefits of stimming?

How have recent changes in diagnostics led to recent claims that Asperger’s Syndrome is no longer in existence?

Examine the history of Autism from its first patient alongside the changes in diagnosis that have occurred in recent times.

Training Family Doctors

Some family doctors are not well informed as to how they can handle patients with Autism. How can these doctors be given the needed assistance?

Essential Figures in History who had Autism

A lot of famous people in history had their places in the spectrum of Autism. How did they cope? What specialized skillsets did they need to do well at their jobs?

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