Best Business Research Subjects for Your Academic Paper

Business research can get described as a method of getting information based on facts for use to exploit sales for profit. Such research information can get used in virtually every sphere though the aim should be to help organizations or individuals make informed and wise decisions. The business research can focus on a myriad of issues such as international business, controversial business, business ethics, business law, and business debate.

Top Business Research Subjects

Getting the appropriate business research paper subject can be tough, and most people waste a lot of time in the process. For this reason, a list of business research paper subjects can help individuals to kick start their writing process. Here is a list to help you reduce your anxiety and get started with writing your paper.

Controversial Business Subjects

  • Unrestricted market capitalism
  • Can minimum salary trap individuals in poverty?
  • Lower job creation and minimum wage
  • Outsourcing: Findings vs. theories
  • Can outsourcing get considered ethical in practice?
  • International business Subjects

Learners doing business courses should research international business that addresses vital issues influencing international trade. Some of the business research subjects on these include;

  • Enduring Global Competition: An Analysis of the local company’s strategic measures
  • Global Investment: The significance of offering public education on international investment benefits
  • Converting small indigenous businesses into internationally renowned brands
  • Branding: Effective competitive advantage strategies for global business
  • Human Resources: Strategies that effectively maintain diversified organizations

Business Proposal Subjects

  • Economic Problems: Possible initiatives to protect small businesses.
  • American Business Sector: Possible solutions for trust decline in the sector of American business
  • Resident Businesses: offering needed support to evade vast chain suffocation
  • International Unemployment: Solutions and strategies for the unemployment problem
  • Stakeholders impact on business success
  • Impact of motivation on staff performance

Business Speech Subjects

  • Ways to strategically plan and think
  • Family and interpersonal relations
  • Ways of making a sales pitch
  • How to fast-forward your business to generations ahead?
  • Resolving and reducing family business conflicts

Business Law Subjects

Business law comprises a thriving business area that interests many individuals. It assists in the governance of the world of commerce. Here is a list of top subjects on business law.

  • Bankruptcy Racket: methods of legal identification
  • Lawsuits on sexual harassment: how to avoid it within a company setup
  • How can you draw the line on trade secrets?
  • United Kingdom business laws: Creditor protection and legal standing review
  • Registration of foreign entity: implication and legal guideline review of Europe and UK foreign business
  • Trademark infringement: Potential defenses of the offense
  • Practices of e-commerce: The United States workforce legal implications
  • Laws concerning data privacy: the business operation impact

Business Ethics Subjects

It is also an exciting business research area. It has research paper subjects that are excellent, and here are some of the top subject examples.

  • Gender discrimination: An impact investigation of an organization’s worker performance
  • Organizational pollution on environment: Examining its impact on the trust levels for consumers
  • Laborer mistreatment: Examining its consequences within the sector of construction
  • Impact assessment of profit-seeking on the quality of products.
  • Advertisements: An advertisement expository research on the trust levels of consumers?


Writing can be easy and fun, especially with interest in the subject matter and also tough without interest. The first step is always getting the right subject, and for this reason, the suggested business research paper subjects will significantly help you to write your paper. However, you need to adhere to other research business principles to ensure your paper is top rate and stands outs.

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